History of Gore's Trails

The project of Les Sentiers de Gore arose from public-spirited who, worrying about the loss of access to the forest (development of real estate projects, new roads, etc.), decided to group together and to share their concerns to the municipal administration. Further to a meeting with the biologist of the municipality of the Canton of Gore, the project took shape and the tagging of the the Pioneers' Trail began.

We were then in 2014

Since then, what was called "Le Comité des Sentiers" continued to fit out this first network (by means of generous volunteers), it organized activities of hike(ride) all year round, He(It) worked on the development of new trails, of which that of the Denommé Park, and it officially became an OBNL under the name Les Sentiers de Gore in summer, 2017.

What we wish: connect the territory thanks to a network of paths and bind the community by cultural, environmental activities, and artistic.


The Pioneers' Trail

The Pioneers' trail is situated in 45 Cambria Rd on grounds belonging to the municipality of the Canton of Gore. His marking began in the winter, 2015 and already, the path was used for snowshoing. In the summer, 2016, the municipality has invests for the construction of a footbridge of several meters allowing to cross a damp environment being situated at the beginning of the path and making so accessible the network of the Pioneers all year round.

The name the Pioneers' trail pays tribute to the pioneers and Gore's founding families, as well as to us all, pioneers of this big project of trails in Gore.



The Logo

The logo was realized by a local artist, madam Monique Laramée.

The arc represents the passage between two universes. Indeed, paths allow us to leave our sometimes wild world to penetrate into an other one: that of the nature and the pondering. The arc invites us to explore Gore's real nature.

By entering paths, we walk(work) in the tracks of animals as well as in those from the pioneers who cleared(opened up) these lands.

The fox, very present to Gore, is the guard of this natural universe which we have to respect and protect.


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