There are several ways to become a member of our Organization:

  • The simplest and the least expensive consists in participating as a paths' user with your family, your friends or simply by only connecting you with the community. Do not forget to join our newsletter here.


  • You become member as volunteer to help us in the development and the interview(maintenance) of paths. An enthusiastic workforce is always welcome. The forest moves and lives, yet(now) we have to maintain paths according to the whims of Mother Nature and some human carelessness.
    To receive the news and other information via our newsletter, join here
  • He is certain that our projects are ambitious and that only, we shall not manage to surmount everything. Arms and ideas are welcome any time, as much for the arrangement of the paths as their regular maintenance

    As we have homework and obligations to our insurers and to respect the rules of the Commission of the Standards and the wage Equity and the Safety of the Work (CSWSW), we kindly request you to download and complete the following form and resend This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Thank you and it will be a pleasure to meet with you on the trail...


  • We can become member donor:

Either by a pecuniary donation
By a transfer of a right of pass on a portion of your land
Donation for preservation of a floral housing environment

The owners private as are you actors of a big importance in the protection of the biodiversity of our territory which is so fragile. The municipality of the Canton of Gore can offer concrete advantages to the owners-partners. It can also inform you about the various existing governmental programs.

As an example, a leaflet of the government of Quebec explains the options offered to the owners who wish to p
reserve their Property's Natural Attractions.



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