Beattie Lake Park Project

Several residents contacted the municipality to obtain information on the Parc du Lac Beattie project. A lot of information circulates on the social networks concerning the project and we find it important to disseminate here the right information and especially talk about the future of this wonderful project.

A little history

The Parc du Lac Beattie lands were purchased in the 1960s by the City of Lachute to provide the city with a source of drinking water. Over the years, the city of Lachute has abandoned this source to develop a new supply system. Today, the lake’s water is no longer used as a source of drinking water and the grounds of Lac Beattie Park have become useless for Lachute.

Thanks to a 40-year agreement between the City of Lachute and the Township of Gore, we have managed to protect these lands from real estate development and turn them into a large natural conservation area.

The main objectives of the Beattie Lake Park are to protect this exceptional natural environment and to give people access to a lake and outdoor recreational activities.

Fruit of reflection and citizen consultation

For several years, elected officials, municipal staff and several citizens have been thinking together about the development of this site. Consultation meetings have taken place over the years. An intermunicipal board was first created to manage this natural heritage and today, it is the Township of Gore that carries out the project of the Park. The municipality, aware that the cost of such a project cannot be entirely borne by its population, is currently waiting to receive funding from the provincial and federal governments in order to proceed with the project. The City of Lachute, the RCM of Argenteuil and the Council of Wardens of the Laurentians supported our project and helped us greatly in our efforts to obtain grants.

A project focused on families

The project will include the development and development of hiking trails (snowshoeing in winter), cross-country skiing trails and mountain biking (“fatbike in winter”). There will also be a reception cottage with a park warden and boat rental (canoe, kayak and paddle board) for park users to enjoy the lake.

The wharves will also allow everyone to go fishing. It is important to mention that the park will be a place without any alcoholic beverages allowed on site, with a particular focus on family activities. Finally, rustic camping sites will be developed. Of course, this implies permanent monitoring of the park to ensure the safety of users and the public. We look forward to making the most of the natural space in Beattie Lake Park.

We have great news for the residents of Gore. Thanks to the hard work of municipal staff, the contribution of Les sentiers de Gore and the support of Conservation Lakefield, It is with great pride that we are announcing a $150,000 grant through the Trails and Outdoor Activity Sites (ASP) Upgrade and Improvement Program. of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. City Council supported this project without restraint because it is in line with our municipal values and priorities.

This grant aims to improve the trails and the overall outdoor offer in the municipality and aims to improve the trails of Parc Denommée, Sentier des Pionniers (at Parc Municipal) and Parc au Lac Beattie. Among other things, it will be used to build three-sided shelters with picnic tables, to build and repair wooden footbridges in our trails and to create new trails for hiking and mountain biking.

For the Beattie Lake Park project, this grant is in addition to the $150,000 received from the RRRF (Regional Outreach Fund) in 2019. The combined financial assistance will make the Beattie Lake Park project a reality and secure the site.

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